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Nina Woods is an artist and professional trained musician from Harlem, NYC. She began studying music at the age of 5, gaining exquisite musicianship from a young age. Indulging in a rigorious music program from K-12, by the time she got to college, Nina had already set goals that she couldn't achieve as a full time student; setting her foot into the music industry and creating my own artistry. After completing two semesters of college, Nina dropped out and landed an internship at a recording studio in NYC, while self employing as a Violin instructor. Since she decided to take a break from school, Nina's career path has flourished in many directions.

Fast forward to current day, Nina Woods is a full time artist and musician, with her own music and visuals released. She made a name for herself as a violinist in the industry, featuring on the works of many artist and producers. By posting violin content on social media, and networking as an artist, intern, and manager at studios in NYC over the past 2 years, Nina has gained a lot of support and engagement.

Nina Woods has 3 singles out on all platforms, and a newly released EP titled "Nina Woods"

Lastly, Nina is the music director of a live R&B series called "The Rnb Pack", a show where vocal artist perform an R&B song of their choice with a live band. 


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