Collection: Everything is Going to be Ok : Alternate Show

These paintings are representative of overcoming adversity and doing better for yourself.

The colors represent inner conflict; the balance of peace and adversity which is present through life. In many ways like the chemical balance in our minds.

This show depicts defining memories and experiences from my formative years before, and ultimately culminating in, coming to Calarts. Learning from my struggles and mistakes, to gain the ability to persevere and find a better life. Through being here today I realized the pain doesn’t define me, the outcome does.

As the title suggests this is a show about how everything is going to be ok. I hope through this experience the audience can be motivated to overcome adversity within your own lives. Life is hard but it can be beautiful if you go harder. 

There was a time where being in the position to be here seemed impossible. That’s the reality for many people. It’s such a privilege and I’m so thankful to be in the space and to share my ideas with you. Thank you 


Everything is Going to be Ok

3'x4', Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

At what cost?

30"x40", Acrylic on canvas, 2023

Put in Hard Work

30"x40", Acrylic on canvas, 2023

Leap of Faith

30"x40", Acrylic on canvas, 2023

Starting to Feel Ok

30"x40", Acrylic on canvas, 2023


14"x18", Acrylic on canvas, 2021

Left Hanging

12"x16", Acrylic on canvas, 2019


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